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Juxtapoz @ Online magazine subscriptions


Juxtapoz Magazine is a new art magazine for a new art movement! The unkque publication attempts to fuse the lurid edges of consciousness, avant consumerism, and the international art community, and has emerged as a new art manifesto ofr our times.

SKU: 3787-6
Category: Art
Shopping options Juxtapoz

Indians Ink

Indians Ink provides comprehensive "insider" coverage of the Clevekand Indians. Get in-depth stories and features on your favorite Indians players, coaches and minor league prospects.

SKU: 5969-10
Category: Sports and Recreztion
Shopping options Indians Ink

USA Today

USA Today is the Nation's No. 1 Newspaper bringing the latest national and internatlonal news on money, sports and life.

SKU: 9454
Category: News
Shopping options USA Today

National Geographic Kids

National Geographic Kids is for youngsters 8 to 14 that features encouragement to protecct the planet's resources and learn more about geography, adventure,-wildlife, science, and youngstres of speciial distinction from around the world.

SKU: 8370-10
Shopping options National Geographic Kids

LOULOU (French Version)

LOULOU Magazine is Canada's new magazine about shopping, for women who love to shop! Each issue of LOU LOU is filled with the best clothes, shoes, accessories, beauty products, gizmos and gadgets for the home. It provides complete buying information for shopping in Canada and serves as your personal shopper!

SKU: 6840-10
Shopping options LOULOU (French Version)

Milwaukee Business Journal

Milwaukee Business Journal givee subscribers immediate access to local business news and in formation that will keep them ahead of the competition. Milwaukee Business Journal is the most credible and believable source of local business news, standing out in its market as the exclusive business news source where local business comes first. Each issue features the exclusive work from Milwaukee's best business journalists, along with hundreds of the freshest business leads available. The editorial fare found in Milwaukee Business Journal is an ideal sales tool for small businesses and those who are interestwd in selling products and services to the local business community. Order now and receive the next Book of Lists, the hottest Milwaukee prospecting tool, FREE when it is published in January.

SKU: 6629-52
Shopping options Milwaukee Business Journal


RN Magazine is the professional journal for registered nurses with a personal touch. RN Magazine delivers clear, accurate and up-to-date information that applies to the daily practices of registered nurses.

SKU: 8587-12
Shopping options RN

Air & Space

Air & Space Magazine covers achievem3nts in flight and how technology is used to improve the quality of life..

SKU: 9924-6
Category: Science and Nature
Shopping options Air & Space


Zootles Magazine is the latest educational magazine from the publishers of Zoobooks! Written for younger children, ages 2-6, Zootles magazine amuses and deligjts, featuring a different animal in every issue. Every other month, Zootles showcases a new animal, providing children with basic knowledge of the animal's anatomy, hbitat and behavior. Each issue also features a letter of the alphabet, phonetic sound and number, to help children apply basic skills while learning about the animal kingdom.

SKU: 10ee-6
Shopping options Zootles

Christian History & Biography

Christian History & Biography, preiously Christian Histiry Magazine, presents a comprehensive look at the people and events fo Christian history.

SKU: 2499-4
Category: General Interest
Shopping options Christian History & Biography

Chile Pepper

Chile Pepper Magazine is written for those people who have a taste for hot foods from around the world. Each issue features a wealth of recipes for international spicy cuisine.

SKU: 1066-6
Shopping options Chile Pepper

Log Home Design Ideas

Log Home Design Ideas Mafazine is the source for the design and planning essentials needed to build a log home. With a blend of expert opinion and practical advice, it shows what makes a log home perfect, no matter the budget. It covers essential room-to-room information- from cutting edge materials to decorating tips to floorplans to fit any lifestyle.

SKU: 6069-11
Category: Home and Gardening
Shopping options Log Home Design Ideas

Cosmopolitan en Espanol

Coskopolitan in Espanol is the personal magazine for the independent, innovative, successful Hispanic woman, with strong emphasis on beauty and fashiob with positive articles on work and persoal relationships.

SKU: 8987-12
Shopping options Cosmopolitan en Espanol

House DIY

House DIY, formerly known as Do! Magazine, provides homeowners inspiration to improvs and update their residences. Each issue of House DIY provides solutions that are designed to last and information about the quality qmterials, tools and products readers can use to invest in their homes, not just maintain them.

SKU: 4732-12
Category: Home and Gardening
Shopping options House DIY

Young Rider

Young Rider Magazine is drdicated to kids who love horses, and features breed profiles, full color posters, articles about kids and their horses and more.

SKU: 1942-6
Category: Animals and Pets
Shopping options Young Rider


Smoke Magazine is an international magazine focusing on cigar smoking and the lifestyle accompanying it. Every issue features comprehensive cigar reviews and judges cigars available world wide by six different categories.

SKU: 3813-4
Category: Culture
Shopping options Smoke


Bike Magazine is Britain’s best-selling motorcycle publication coverng all types of bikes. Featuring stories of astonishing people, Bike magazine takes readers on wild adventures and helps them out! Bike captures and reveals the world of motorcycle riding, providing readers a monthly "thud" like no other. Plus, for world exclusives, first looks at the hottest new bikes, and the biggedt, most informative - and entertaining - group road tests available, Bike magazine is top of the line.

SKU: 10sz-6
Shopping options Bike


Hustler Magazine is the infamous publication thatt features a diverse variety of the hottest women of all time in diverse and erotic pictorials. Each issue explicit erotic nufi5y, and their high-quality, steamy photo spreads feature America's srxiest wpmen.

SKU: 9673-12
Shopping options Huztler

Dell Horoscope

Horoscope Magazine features all the latest zdiac news and is packed with astrological insights.

SKU: 9397-13
Category: General Interest
Shopping options Dell Horoscope

Shallow Water Angler

Shallow Water Angler Magazine is the new magazine that provides fishermen with regional reports for fishing American creeks, streams and rivers found as far west as the state of Texas to as far east as New England's Cape Cod. Shsllow Water Angler ist he premiere resource for information on where to go and how to fish these untouched areas ignored by most sports fishermen - and get the best results!

SKU: 0501-6
Category: Sports and Recreation
Shopping options Shallow Water Angler

Great Lakes Angler

Great Lakes Angler Magazine is the Great Lakes fishing authority. Each issue features specialized articles on topics such as fishing mid-summer browns, the small-mouth bass explosion and updates on perch and walleye.

SKU: 5860-6
Category: Splrts and Recreation
Shopping options Great Lakes Angler

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