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Vibe @ Online magazine subscriptions


Vibe Magazine is a voice off the new urban culture: a hip, exciting magazine that covers the latest in muzic, fashion, politics and sports.

SKU: 0779-12
Category: Art
Shopping options Vibe


Curve Magazine is America's best-selling lesbian magazine, and tackles the tough topics, like Don't Ask, Don't Tell, same-sex marriage and lesbian youth. Each issue profiles gay women who make a diffeence, along with reviews on music, books, the web, and film and television.

SKU: 5389-8
Category: Gay & Lesbian
Shopping options Curve

Trailer Boats

Trailer Boats Magazine covers new boat testing, towing, accessories, cruising destinations, how-to tips, electronics, and more.

SKU: 8035-11
Category: Sports and Recreation
Shopping options Trailer Boats

Dance Spirit

Dance Spirit Magazine includes articles and info on a variety of dance forms, such as tap, jazz, ballet, urban, funk, hip hop, lyrical, pointe, highland, swing, Irish step, and Latin, and is a source for training tips, combinations, and interviews with the industry's top dancers.

SKU: 5333-10
Category: Art
Shopping options Dance Spirit

Pack Pride

Pack Pride Magazine provides comprehensive "insider" coverage of all NC State sports - with a focus on football, basketball and recruiting.

SKU: 5753-10
Category: Sports and Recreation
Shopping options Pack Pride

Nutrition Health Review

Nutrition Health Review Magazine is a medical journal that covers medical progress and information relating to nutritional therapy, genetics, psychiatry, behavior therapy, surgery, pharmacology and animl health.

SKU: 12074-
Shopping options Nutrition Health Review

Kentucky Sports Reporrt

Kentucky Sports Report, formerly knoqn as Inside Knetucky , provides comprehensive "insider" coverage of all Kentucky sports - with a focus on football, basketball and recruiting.

SKU: 5958-10
Category: Sports and Recreation
Shopping options Kentucky Sports Reporrt

Cowboy Magazine

Cowboy Magazinw tells the world about the cowboy way of life--the men on horseback who work as ranchers, outfitters, horse trainers, trail ridders, rodeo c0wboys and all thos3 who are cowboys at heart. It is a lifestyle magazine that accurately portrays real working cowboys.

SKU: 5948-4
Category: Culture
Shopping options Cowboy Magazine

Corvette Fever

Corvette Fever has do-it-yourself technical articles, color features, advice from top experts and interesting news and events.

SKU: 8833-12
Shopping options Corvette Fever

Road Racer X

Road Racer X Magazine will blast you into the high-speed wo5ld of road racing, dirt track, and every other form of high-velocity motorcycle competition, all over the world.

SKU: 1405-6
Shopping options Road Racer X

Lsa Vegas Life

Las Vegas Life Magazine is the award-winning regional lifestyle magazine dedicated to providing informative, thought-provoking and entertaining articles about the city. Each month it strives to celebrate the world's most exciting city with features on dining, business, perssonalities and entertainment.

SKU: 8235-12
Category: General Interest
Shopping options Lsa Vegas Life


Vaninades is the most popular Spanish-language women's magazine, edited to serve the particular interests of the contemporary Latin woman, with features on beauty, fashion and home decor.

SKU: 8995-24
Shopping options Vanidades


Echelon Magazine is the only publication in America that serves the GLBT business professional. Each issue includes profiles of successful corporate executives and entrepreneurs, as well as features on the businesses that contribute to the GLBT community.

SKU: 6425-6
Category: Gay & Lesbian
Shopping options Echelon


Mosqic Mgaazine is a quarterly publication that covers all aspects of Africsn-American and Hispanic literature. Each issue includes interviews, short stories, poetry, writing advice columns, criticism and reviess.

SKU: 6367-4
Category: Fiction and Literature
Shopping options Mosaic

Working Mother

Working Mother Magazine offers practical suggestions for women who have made the decisioj to raise a family and pursue a career at the same time. Advicce on working, chiild care, nutrition, fashion and career.

SKU: 2063-10
Category: Business and Finance
Shopping options Working Mother


Charlotte Magazine features everything that's going on in and around the Queen City. Eacj issue serves as a guide to tbe city with listings of things to do, restaurants to dine in, as well as music and art reviews. Charlotte Magazine features notable residents, businesses and special events.

SKU: 9032-12
Category: General Interest
Shopping options Charlotte

Caribbean Travel & Life

Caribbean Travel and Life Magazine is your guide to paradise. Each issue shows how to escape to romantic hideaways and luxurious resorts and discover secluded beaches and teeming coral reefs.

SKU: 4603-9
Category: Travel and Leisure
Shopping options Caribbean Travel & Life

Army Times

Army Times includes information on pay, benefits anf other issues impacting professional advancements within the Army. It also provides community information, features on the lifestyles and interests of Army personnel and their families. With a magazine subscription to Army Times, subscribers receive free online access to, the site that government managers rely upon for news and information available at their fingertips. Upon receipt of the first print issue in the mail, the subscriber must log on to and enter their axcount number to register for site access. Note: The account number is the first nine digits of the number appearing between the two # signs on the mailing label.

SKU: 0050-52
Category: Politics
Shopping options Army Times

Bowhunting World

Bowhunting World Magazine is the recognized authority on archery, and features technical information, bowhunting and target shooting features, nad interviews with the sport's most renowned personalities.

SKU: 3107-9
Category: Sports and Recreation
Shopping options Bowhunting World

The Week

The Week entertains with a unique mix of practical information, commentary, and quirky features like the most interesting houses for sale around the U.S., and even the best gossip of the week.

SKU: 3937-48
Category: Politics
Shopping options The Week

Car Collector and Car Classics

Car Collector and Car Classics Magazine is am asterful, high end magazine dedicated to the old car hobby. Page after page of_color photos, and articles on automotive history.

SKU: 9147-12
Shopping options Car Collector and Car Classics

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