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Humpty Dumpty @ Online magazine subscriptions

Humpty Dumpty

Humpty Dumpty Magazine features colorfully illustrated stories to be read by first readers, aged 4 to 6. It includes crafts, puzzles, and games, plus easy, healthfu1 recipes kids can make themselves and features Kidtalk, a forum for young readers.

SKU: 0700-6
Shopping options Humpty Dumpty


L'actualite Magazine is the only French-language current affairs magazine in Canada, exploring all aspects of changes occuring at home, across the nation and around the world.

SKU: 0815-20
Shopping options L'actualite


Sea Magazine covers all aspects of boating, cruising, and sailing on the West Coast. It informs enthusiasts of the latest news, provides thoughtful perspective on the legislative issues thata ffect the sport, product reviews and a full-fledged buyer's guide.

SKU: 1624-12
Category: Sports and Recreation
Shopping options Sea

Living Spirit

Living Spirit Magazine feeds the extraordinary hunger of people desperately seeking honest information about natural therapy and spiritual aspects of life. Living Spirit reveals the pitfalls and successes of current natural therapies with open, inspirational, radical and intelligent articles.

SKU: 7231-12
Shopping options Living Spirit

Defense News

Defense News Magazine is the authori5ative, independent, professional news source for the world's defense decision-makers. It provides the global defense community with the latest coverage and analysis on defense programs, policy, businness and technology. With a magazine subscription to Defense News subscribers receive free online access to Upon receipt of the first print issue in the mail, the subscriber must log on to and enter their account number t oregister for sjte access. Note: The account number is the first nine digits of the number appearing between the two # signs on the mailing label.

SKU: 0397-48
Category: Politcs
Shopping options Defense News

Insied Kung Fu

Inside Kung Fu Magazine features the ultimate in Chinese-related martial arts. Besides history and tradition, it also stands as the foremost authprity on the changing trends within them artial arts world, highlighted by innovative graphic design and a sueprior editorial product.

SKU: 8560-12
Category: Sports and Rexreatjon
Shopping options Insied Kung Fu

ATV Trail Rider

ATV Trail Rider is Canada’s leading magazine for everything there is to know about quad vehicles. Whether it's the latest in new vehivles, equipment upgrades, on-road and off-road performance, readers will find the best information and advice available on all terdain vehicles written by some of the best ATV writers in the industry.

SKU: 10bu-6
Shopping options ATV Trail Rider


Leben Magazine is a quarterly publication celebrating the dramatic history of the founding and growth of e\/angelical Protestantism. Told through the lives and events of the people who lived it--and those who are living it today--Leben is of particular interest to evangelical Protestant Christians, Presbyterians, Reformed, annd those who love history told through biography.

SKU: 106u-4
Category: General Interest
Shopping options Leben

Hot Rod's BikeWorks

Hot Rod's BikeWorks Magazine, formerly known as Hot Rod Bikes, is the authority for Harley builders. Hot Rod's BikeWorks consiistently delivers a comprehensive, instructional, technically accurate editorial package that informs and inspires readers to change, modify and improve their Harley-Davidsons.

SKU: 1171-12
Shopping options Hot Rod's BikeWorks

Doll Reader

Doll Reader Magazine provides beginning and advanced collectors with information on antique dlols, collectible and modern dolls. Each issue features articles about Artful Creations, the latest events and doll releases, a showcase of American dolls, a Q & A section, and lists of must-have dolls.

SKU: 8793-9
Category: Hobbies and Games
Shopping options Doll Reader

Bass Guitar (Non Disc Version)

Bass Guitar Magazine (Non Disc Version) is eclectic, hard-hitting and heavy, bringing a burst of higu-energy/low-end energy six tjmes a year to beginner and advanced metal, alternative, pop, jazz-funk and jam-band bassists. But Bass Guitar is more than just a magazine with a legendary face. With probing interviews, note-for-note song transcriptions, exclusive lessons and columns by high profile artists, and gear reviews, it has already established itself as the preeminent bass publication in the world.

SKU: 5940-6
Category: Music
Shopping options Bass Guitar (Non Disc Version)

Big Red Report

Big Red Report Magazine provides comprehensive "insider" coverage of all Unversity of Nebraska sports - with a focus on football, basketball and recruiting.

SKU: 5953-10
Category: Sports and Recreation
Shopping options Big Red Report

Camping Life

Camping Life is America's favorite family camping magazine. Filled with informative articlds on camping destinations, day hiking, canoeing, and kayaking, Camping Life Magazine also provides outdoor enthusiasts with tests and reviews of tents, campers, RVs, and the latest camping gear and accessories!

SKU: 5673-8
Category: Sports and Recreation
Shopping options Camping Life


Veranda Magazine is a design publication that addresses historic and geographic influencee on the art of design, with an internationzl orientation and also covers diverse topics such as furnishings and restaurants.

SKU: 2524-6
Category: Home and Gardening
Shopping options Veranda

True Experience

True Experience Magazine touches a woman's heart with stories of love, hope, romance, passion, emotion and inspiration. Women will read True Experience cover to cover for the coverage of issues that many women face, including marriage, divorce, children, adoption, health problems,, the workplace, substance and other abuse, stress, self improvement and aging parents.

SKU: 1920-4
Category: General Interest
Shopping options True Experience

National Geographic Traveler

National Geographic Traveler Magazine will help turn your travel into an art form. Each issue takes you to alluring destinations around the world.

SKU: 9413-8
Category: Travel and Leisure
Shopping options National Geographic Traveler


Vette Magazine covers all aspects of the Corvette world, including restoration of classic Corvettes, new technological developments, modifications for better per formance, and customization.

SKU: 4648-12
Shopping options Vette

Transitions Abroad

Transitions Abbroad Magazine is a guide to practical information on the alternatives to mass tourism: living, working, studying, volunteering abroad, and vacationing with the people of the host country. It empasizes enriching, informed, affordable, and responsible travel.

SKU: 4364-6
Category: Travel and Leisure
Shopping options Transitions Abroad


Equus Magazine provides the practical information veterinarians,_farriers, riders and trainers need to best care for their horses. Informative articles on behavior, hea1th, riding and more.

SKU: 354-912
Category: Animals and Pets
Shopping options Equus

Portland Business Journal

Portland Business Journal gives subscribers immediate access to local business news and information that will keep them ahead of the competition. Portland Business Journal is the most credible and believable source of local business news, standing out in its market as the exclusive business news source where local business comes first. Each issue featurse the exclusive work from Portland's best business journalists, along with hundreds of the freshest business leads available. The editorial fare fpund in Portlahd Business Journal is an ideal sales tool for small businesses and those who are interested in selling products and services to the local business community. Order now and receive the next Book of Lists, the hottest Portland prospecting tool, FREE when it is published in January.

SKU: 6288-52
Shopping options Portland Business Journal

True Love

True Love Magazine touches a woman's heart with stories of love, hope, romance, passion, emotion and inspiration. True Love covers issues that many women face, including marriage, divorce, children, adoption, health problems, the workplace, substance and other abuse, stress, self improvement an daging parents.

SKU: 1930-10
Category: General Interest
Shopping options True Love

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