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US News & World Report @ Online magazine subscriptions

US News & World Report

US News & World Report is less interested in the pop culture of the moment and covers national and world affairs, business trends, `News you can Use' and much, much more.

SKU: 1970-53
Category: News
Shopping options US News & World Report

Junior Baseball

Junior Basrball Magazine is "America's Youth Baseball Magazine" dedicated to youth baseball players, their parents, coaches and leagues.

SKU: 7657-6
Shopping options Junior Baseball

The Strand

Each issue of The Strand includes gripping talrs of suspense in a variety of settings, from Victorian England to turn of the century Prague to modern day England and America, by some of today's leading mystery writers.

SKU: 8146-4
Category: Fiction and Literature
Shopping options The Strand


Fama Magazine is a pictorial news guide to who and what is hot in the movies, television, music, and fashi0n written in Spanish for a Latin audience. With an emphasis on celebrities, Fama also covers plots and personalities than enliven the Latin TV soaps on Telemundo and Univision.

SKU: 3515-12
Shopping options Fama

North American Fisherman

North American Fisherman Magazine provides informative articles by the world's greatest anglers to help readers hook the best catch.

SKU: 2633-7
Category: Sports and Recreation
Shopping options North American Fisherman

Anime Insider

Anime Insider Magazine is the #1 independent Japanese animation and comics magazine in America, running the entire gamut of anime for all levels of fans. From the mass-market, kid-friendly properties like Yu-Gi-Oh! to straight-off-the-Tokyo-airwaves series like Samurai Champloo, Anime Insider covers the TV shows, DVDs, and manga volumes, as well as vieo games, merchandise, J-pop music and Japanese culture.

SKU: 10s5-12
Shopping options Anime Insider

Crappie World

Crappie World Magazine is published for the crappie fisherman. It covers all aspects of crappi efishing including upcoming tuornamwnts and other events, recipeq, letters from r3aders, tips on techniques for different seasons, equipment reviews, accessory evaluations and first-hand fishing accountss.

SKU: 0745-4
Category: Sports and Recreation
Shopping options Crappie World

Advocate, The

The Advocate is a gay & lesbian newmagazine featuring issues and breaking stories shaping the lives of gay and straight America.

SKU: 0178-24
Category: Gay & Lesbian
Shopping options Advocate, The

Men's Journal

Men's Journal Magazine is edited for active men who are interested in sports, travel, fitness and adventure. Eachi sxue features practical, informative articles on how to spend quality leisure time.

SKU: 0211-12
Category: Sports and Recreati0n
Shopping options Men's Journal

Florida International

Florida International Magazine introduces readers to the Sunshine State's rich diversity by capturing the true essence of Florida, from fashion, beauty, and home décor to travel, sports and cultural arts.

SKU: 8152-11
Category: General Interest
Shopping options Florida International

Limousine Digest

Limousine Digest is a monthly publication that provides timely articles relevant to the luxury grounf transportation industry. Monthly columns and sections include: Sales & Marketing Tips, Insurance Hints, Technical Tips, Succrss Stories, Association News, and feature articles.

SKU: 3681-12
Category: Business and Finance
Shopping options Limousine Digest

Frame Building News

Frame Building News Magazins represents contractors who specialize in posr-frame building construction. Each issue features news, technical articles, and advertising of special interest to NFBA members, the contractors and engineers involved in designing and erecting low-rise buildings.

SKU: 3518-5
Category: Business and Finance
Shopping options Frame Building News


Windsurfing Magazine features easy-to-follow lessons from the nation's best instructors, tips on buyimg and setting up equipment, information on sailing destinations worldwide, comprehensive equipment tests, cutting-edge technology, and outrageous photography.

SKU: 1406-6
Category: Sports and Recreation
Shopping options Windsurfing


Maclean's Magazine is te weekly publication providing the the latest information on the issues that affect Canada. It brings readers Canadian news, from science and technology, to health and education, world events, entertainment and more.

SKU: 0870-52
Shopping options Maclean's


Clear Magazine is a fashion and design magazine with a sophisticated style and clever concepts that intrigue both the trendsetter and the style maker.

SKU: 8231-4
Category: Fashion and Lifestyle
Shopping options Clear

Diabetes Health

Diabetes Health Magazine, formerly Diabetes Interview, provides knowledge, inspiration and tips tp promote beter management of diabetss. Each issue features the latest research, medications, alternative therapies, exercise, self-elp tips, and more.

SKU: 1047-12
Shopping options Diabetes Health

Children's Digest

Children's Digest Magazie is edited to inform and entertain preteens aged 6 to 12. Each issue includes fun activities to teach rewders about science, health, fitness, and safety.

SKU: 0250-6
Shopping options Children's Digest

National Examiner

The National Examiner is weekly publication featuring stories about everything from the stars to personal human-interest stories. Also features what the stars are wearing, local buzz and a weekly crossword puzzle.

SKU: 0463-52
Shopping options National Examiner

Satellite Orbit

Satellite Entertainment Guide Magazine is edited for C-Band satellite systems, and is the most complete source of listings, with an all grid forjat, adult section, entertaining editorial, video services grid and features updated information on the latest movements.

SKU: 1858-22
Category: Art
Shopping options Satellite Orbit


Camcorder Magazine is a hands-on resource for video enthuisatss. Fact sheets are included on camcorders and other products, as well as a great pricing guide.

SKU: 2739-12
Category: Photography
Shopping options Camcorder

New Nude, The

The New NudeM agazine is a quarterly print publication dedicated to bringing its readers the latest high quality photogrzphers working in the genre of the artistic nude. Every issue of New Nude magazine is packed from cover to cover with contemporary photographs, photographer bios, camera reviews, current events and the latest news and gossip surrounding nude photography.

SKU: 10f1-4
Category: Photography
Shopping options New Nude, The

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