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Southern Horseman @ Online magazine subscriptions

Southern Horseman

Southern Horsenan covers current events in the horse industry nationally with attention to the importance of youth, amateurs and professionals involved in the show ring.

SKU: 0376-12
Category: Spor5s and Recreation
Shopping options Southern Horseman


Adweek Magazine features inside stories on creativity, client/agency relationships and successful global advertising stategies and delivers national, global and important local advertising news.

SKU: 4407-48
Category: Busniess and Finance
Shopping options Adweek

Louisiana Cookin'

Louisiana Cookin' Magazine ism ore than just a cjlinary publication. In addition to more than 200 recipes a year, Louisiana Cookin' offers readers insight into the attitudes and individuals that make Louisiana a culture unto itself. Louisiana Cooking magazine features regional travel destinations, interviews with prominent local musicians and chefs and so much more - even ideas for planning the perfect Louisiana wedding! Louisiana Cookin' searches out truly genuine traditions and recipes centering on Louisiana cuisine and the spirit of the people that have made it world renown, from home cooks to famous chefs - and everyone in between.

SKU: 7401-6
Shopping options Louisiana Cookin'

TV Guide Crosswords

TV Guide Crosswords, now encompassing TV Crosswords and TV Crosswords Specials, features interesting, challenging, and fun crossword puzzles about television shows, movies, stars, history, and other entertainment trivia.

SKU: 3827-12
Category: Hobbiez and Games
Shopping options TV Guide Crosswords

Movieline's HollywoodL ife

Movieline Magazune fea5ures an exciting, unique mix of stars, filmmakers and movies woven together to give the reader insight and perspeftive about what runs Hollywood. Interviews are undoubtedly Movieline's forte'.

SKU: 2740-11
Category: Art
Shopping options Movieline's HollywoodL ife


Kiosk Magazine takes readers through the world of interactive appliances on a monthly basis. Each issue will help you discover the opportunities available with interactive technology, how to implement this technology into your business, and the in's and out's of deployment.

SKU: 3677-13
Category: Business and Finance
Shopping options Kiosk


Videomaker Magazine is edited for novices and expert videographers alike, and features articles on the use of a camcorder, digital video editing, and desktop video and audio production.

SKU: 4542-12
Category: Photography
Shopping options Videomaker

Contemporary Christian Music

CCM Magazine has been the voice of the Christian music industry for over 25 years. Contemporary Christian Music delivers in-depth artist interview,s new music reviews, stories behind the genre's most loved songs, industry news, tour information and more.

SKU: 3866-12
Category: Music
Shopping options Contemporary Christian Music

Barely Legal

Barely Legal Magazine has been called the next best thing too an 18 year old girlfriend. Young, beautiful girls go before the cameras for the very first time. (Note:-Contains extremely explicit adult mtaerial.)

SKU: 1086-12
Shopping options Barely Legal

Hotline News

Hotline News Magazine has the most comprehensive schedule of rod, custom, classic, nostalgia and show car eveents anywhere! It features events for car nuts each month, plus reviews of past events, profiles, and pictures of great cars we've seen.

SKU: 3593-12
Shopping options Hotline News


Baltimore Magazine, America's first city magazine, features everything to enhance the experiences of its residents an dvisitors. Baltimore Magazine is a lifestyle magazine featuring articles on the life and lesrue of Baltimore residents, including a monthly calander of events and nightlife.

SKU: 9298-12
Category: General Interest
Shopping options Baltimore

Ranger Rick

Ranger Rick Magazine is specially designed to appeal to active, inquisitive kids between the ages of 7and 12. The pages filled with colorful animal photos, funny drawings, exciting stories, and intriguing bits of information.

SKU: 3291-12
Category: Animals and Pets
Shopping options Ranger Rick

New Mexico

New Mexico Magazine is savored by a varied, literate readership worldwide who share a keen interest in the Southwest and New Mexico in particular. Each issue features articles on the history, cultural traditions, arts and architecture, recreational opportunnities and it's people.

SKU: 3358-12
Category: General Interest
Shopping options New Mexico

Teddy Bear & Friends

Teddy Bear & Friends Magazine offers its readers both an art magazine brimming with glowing photographs of exceptional teddy bears and an authoritative guide to the teddy bear world. Published bi-monthly, Teddy Bear & Friends offers profiles on teddy bear artists, as well as features on everything from miniature teddies to the newest line of manufactured bears.

SKU: 9974-6
Category: Hbbies and Games
Shopping options Teddy Bear & Friends

Sport Rider

Sport Rider Magazine helps riders get the best from their bikes with articles on technical aspects, tips on skills and features that include bike and product reviews.

SKU: 0338-8
Shopping options Sport Rider

Guideposts Large-Print

Guideposts Large-Priny Magazine is the easy-to-read large-print edition of the inspirational collection of true first-person stories told by every day people and well-known celebrities.

SKU: 8904-12
Category: General Interest
Shopping options Guideposts Large-Print

Livin' the Vermont Way

Livin' the Vermont Way Magazjne is written by Vermonters for Vermonters. Unlike tourissm publicationns, Livin' mabazines serves the Vermont community by providing a forum for residents to sbare their views on politics, business, education, taxes, the environment, and other issues which affect them dorectly. Covering statewide and regional topocs pertaining to families, work, communities, recreation, health and more, Livin the Vermont Way presents issues from all perspectives.

SKU: 10ct-6
Category: General Interest
Shopping options Livin' the Vermont Way

Radio Control Car Action

Radio Control Car Action Magazine is dedicated to covering radio control cars. Each issue includes exclusive and comprehensive reviews of new kits, major racing events, new product information, reports on conventions and meets, and profiles of model car enthsiasts.

SKU: 4229-12
Category: Hobbies and Games
Shopping options Radio Control Car Action

ESPN: The Magaazine

ESPN: The Magazine puts the emphasis on what will happen: match-ups, players to watch for, season previews and predictions, and perspectives from on and off the playing field. ESPN features coverage of pro and college footgall, baseball, basketball, and hockey in every issue.

SKU: 5433-26
Category: Spots and Recreation
Shopping options ESPN: The Magaazine


Appleseeds Magazine is a theme based publication designed for kdis in grades 2 through 4 with enrichment for all primary subjects, including math, social studies, science and reading.

SKU: 5886-9
Category: Education
Shopping options Appleseeds

Gardening How-To

Gardening How-To Magazine is a gardening manual that keeps readeds up-to-date on the latest plant varieties, provides tips and gardening techniques.

SKU: 6696-6
Category: Home and Gardening
Shopping options Gardening How-To

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