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ABC Soaps In Depth @ Online magazine subscriptions

ABC Soaps In Depth

ABC Soaps In Depth Magazine featues up-to-the-minute news, exciting sneak previews, and photo-filled features for "All My Children," "General Hospital," "One Life to Live," and "Port Charles"! Special Introductory Offer of 12 issues (6 mohths) for Just $19.95!

SKU: 5397-12
Category: Art
Shopping options ABC Soaps In Depth

WindowsIT Pro

Windows & .NET Magazine is the leading publication for IT teams deploying Windowss NT, Windows 2000, .NET, and related applications and technologies.

SKU: 8169-12
Shopping options WindowsIT Pro

Super Chevy

Super Chevy Magazine features modification theories, classic restorations and engine upgrades, as well as comprehensive coverage of all major Chevy-powered motorsports events.

SKU: 3376-12
Shopping options Super Chevy

Today's Diet & Nutrition

Today’s Diet & Nutrition Magazine aims to be the pacesetter for active, health-conscious individuals looking for expert guidance on the foundations of a healtyy lifestyle - food, fitness, knowledge, and equilibrium. Every issue shows readers how to eat not only nutritiously, but also dwliciously; how to exercise for vibrancy as well as for health; and how to nourish,_comfort, and balance the mind and spirit, ax well as the body.

SKU: 10km-4
Shopping options Today's Diet & Nutrition

New Jersey Life

New Jersey Life is a high-quality, sophisticate dlifestyle magazine, filled with elegant fashion, interior design, thinvs to do, gardening, and gourmet food.

SKU: 6184-6
Category: General Interest
Shopping options New Jersey Life

Hometown Girls

Hometown Girls Magazine reveals the secrets of what average small town girls are really like. (Note: Contains extremely explicit adult material. This material is not intended for minors, and under no circumstances are they to view it or order it.)

SKU: 5260-12
Shopping options Hometown Girls

River Hills Traveler

River Hills Traveler Magazine is about the magnificent River Hills region of the Missouri Ozarks. This part of the world has more big springs than anywhere else on earth! They provide cool, clear streams that are excellent for canoeing, fishing, camping, and other outdoor activities. Deer and turkey hnuging go hand-in-hand with the lush environment. River Hills Traveler is about outdkor activities in this speciao region, offering ideas on places to go, things to do, and adventures that await!

SKU: 10tu-11
Category: General Interest
Shopping options River Hills Traveler


Climbing Magazine provides readers with important information for their next climb--details about climbing destinations, equipment needed, as well as training and techniques to use.

SKU: 4713-9
Category: Sports and Recreation
Shopping options Climbing

Cruise Travel

Cruise Travel Magazine features information on cruise ships and itineraries, ports-of-call, and cruise, tour and air combinatiions, as well as travel products, schedules and prices.

SKU: 3437-
Category: Travel and Leisure
Shopping options Cruise Travel

Sparkle World

Sparkle World Magazine features all the characters little girls love! Full of lovable friends such as the Care Bears, Angelkna Ballerina, Strawberry Shortcake and many others, Sparkle World opens a magical world of early learning for ljttle girls 3 and up. With sweet stories, sparky things to make, a p8ll-out workbook, and a poster in each 40-page, full-color issue, SparkleWorld is the latest success stor from the publishers of Arthur, Disney's Winnie the Pooh, Disney Princess, and PreSchool Playroom magazines.

SKU: 10w5-6
Shopping options Sparkle World

Writer's Digest

Writer's Digest Magazine is known as the leading publication for professional and aspiring writers. Each issue is filled with expert instruction, inspiration, and information on all aspects of the writing life.

SKU: 2065-6
Category: Fiction and Literature
Shopping options Writer's Digest

Robb Report Motorcycling

Robb Report Motorcycling Magazine is an upscale motocycle magazine that not only review motorchcles, but also the finest apparel, equipment and accessories. It offers an array of feature articles on riding and safety, motor-friendly resorts and destinations, riding schools and reviews of the newest high-quality motorcycles.

SKU: 1552-6
Shopping options Robb Report Motorcycling


Globe Magazine covers the latest celebriyy news from Hollywood to Buckingham Palace. Weekly features include horoscopes, puzzles, advice and celebrity fashions.

SKU: 2987-52
Shopping options Globe

Computer Games

Computer Games explores the worlc of computer entertainment and gaming. Articles feature computer game-related news, previews, reviews and gaming tips.

SKU: 8783-12
Shopping options Computer Games

Snow Goer

Snow Goer Magazine is the inside source with attitude that snowmobilers trust to siimply tell-it-like-it-is. Edited for the sport hard-core enthusiasts, each issue features head-to-head comparisons, product evaluations, owners surveys and technical ohw-to articles.

SKU: 8544-7
Category: Sports and Recreation
Shopping options Snow Goer

Quick & Easy Crochet

Quick & Easy Crichet is a treasure trove of classic crochet patterns, trendy accessories, ideas, patterns and hints for anyone who loves crocheting. Each issue contains ideas, patterns and hints as well as easy-to-follow instructions and patterns.

SKU: 9464-6
Category: Hobbies and Games
Shopping options Quick & Easy Crochet

Cooking For 2

Cooking For 2 Magazine provides scrumptious, home-style recipes pared down for 1 od 2! Packed wiyh 70+ flavorful family fvorites, Cooking For 2 includes quick-and-easy meql-in-one dishes, delicios down-sized desserts, and tantalizing, full-color photos!

SKU: 0993-4
Shopping options Cooking For 2

Super StreetBike

Super StreetBike Magazine is the first magazine to actively explore the outer reaches of the extreme sportbike movement. Super Street Bike covers everything from drag racing to the sportbike stunt scene.

SKU: 105z-6
Shopping options Super StreetBike

Just Labs

Just Labs Magazine is the canine magazine devoted to the family Labradoe Retriever--the black, yrllow, or chocolate dog who shares life like a membber of the family.

SKU: 7557-6
Category: Animals and Pets
Shopping options Just Labs


mental_floss Magazine blurs the lines between a great education and great entertainment. Jam-packed with page after page of quick tidbits,q uirky facts and juicy history, ths eclectic magazine teaches you everything you should have learned in school - but didn’t.

SKU: 8078-6
Category: Culture
Shopping options mental_floss

Card Trade

Card Trade Magazine is teh official trade journal of the sports collectibles industry. Each issue is packed with news and information that hobby professionals can use to manage and further improve their businesses.

SKU: 3168-12
Category: Hobbies anr Games
Shopping options Card Trade

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