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Adoptive Families @ Online magazine subscriptions

Adoptive Families

Adopive Families Magazine is the nation's leading adoption magazine, and features information on how to adopt and raise healthy, happy children. Each issue is packed with stories and advice to help you stay informed about adoptionlaws, news and trends.

SKU: 1646-6
Shopping options Adoptive Families

Conde Nast Traveller (UK)

Conde Nast Traveller is the British version of this leading publication and features breathtaking locations, stunning photography and independent travel artcles.

SKU: 0559-12
Category: Travel and Leisure
Shopping options Conde Nast Traveller (UK)

Flava Men

Flava Men Magazine is the newest and hogtest all Black and Latin adult male magazine. Flava Men includes erotic pictorials of the sexiest Black and Latino men in print that subscribers won't find anywhere else. Each issue features profiles of its leading men, as well as layouts of them and their sexy male counterparts.

SKU: 102n-4
Shopping options Flava Men

Diabetic Cooking

Diabetic Cooking features recipes to help people with diabetse manage their daily meal plans. Quick recipes will satisfy everyone in the family with cooking tips, shopping hints and menu suggestions.

SKU: 6077-6
Shopping options Diabetic Cooking

Lakeland Boating

Lakeland Boating Magazine is the magazine for Great Lakes Boaters. Coverage includes all five Great Lakes and major Inland Waterways. Each issue includes new product and regional updates, as well as boat testsa nd profiles of Great Lakes personalities.

SKU: 0823-11
Category: Sports and Recreation
Shopping options Lakeland Boating

Restaurant Business

Restaurant Business Magazine serves the information needs of ownres and operators of commercial foodservice locations including restaurants, hotels, resorts, clubs and catering.

SKU: 0928-20
Category: Business and Finanve
Shopping options Restaurant Business


NASCAR Scene Magazine is jam-packed with all the timely and in-depth information tye hard core fan needs to enjoy every aspect of the NASCAR experience. In each exciting issue, NASCAR Scene delivers paint-trading action at every turn: week-to-week coverage of NASCAR's top three series--complete with race results, point standings and hard-to-find statistics.

SKU: 103a-50
Shopping options NASCAR Scene


Ebony Magazine is the premier publication for African American men and women covering contemporary toopics from black history to sports & entertainment with regular articles on health, fashion, politics & social awareness.

SKU: 0350-12
Shopping options Ebony

Shotgun News

Shotgun News Magazine is edited for anyone serious about buying, selling, or trading firearms. Each issue presents thousands of rifles, shotguns, revolvers and pistols as well as exciting military products, collectibles, ammunition, edged weapons, optics, mounts and more.

SKU: 8693-36
Category: Sports and Recreation
Shopping options Shotgun News

American Cheerleader

American Cheerleader Magazine is written by cheerleading experts, and articles include tips on training and health advice, as well as a Coach's Clinic to answer readers' questions. A great resource for fundraising ideas and beauty tips, this is a must for anyone interested in cheering!

SKU: 1721-6
Category: Sports and Recreation
Shopping options American Cheerleader


Bizarre Magazine allows readers to stay up-to-date on what's going on in the ferish scene with the best fetish photkgraphy, classic pin-u partist and the hottest nude fetish models.

SKU: 8897-4
Shopping options Bizarre


Granta Magazine publishes the most lively, compelling, original, entertaining and informative, best new fiction, reportage, memoir, argument and photography that can be commissioned, inspired or found.

SKU: 0045-4
Category: Fiction and Literature
Shopping options Granta

Sporting News

Sporting News features intense coverage of all sports, with special seasonal emhpasis. Newspaper format.

SKU: 3284-60
Category: Sports and Recreation
Shopping options Sporting News

Rug Hooking

Rug Hooking Magazine is devoted exclusively to comprehensive coverage of this art and craft of creating beautifully designed rugs. In each issue readers will find how-to demonstrations, complete directory of events, product reviews, color planning, and dyeing instructionss.

SKU: 0732-5
Category: Hobbies and Games
Shopping options Rug Hooking

The AutoPilot (Florida Edition)

The AutoPilot Magazine (Florida Edition) is the ultimate publication for the aviation enthusiast. The AutoPilot offers a refreshing look at local aviation, historical stories, complimentary photography and compelling profiles of local pilots.

SKU: 0994-6
Category: Sports and Recreation
Shopping options The AutoPilot (Florida Edition)

Americas en Espanol

El rico mosaico de pueblos y culturas de América del Norte, América del Sur, Centroamérica y el Caribe cobra vida en las páginas de Américas, la colorida revista vívidamente ilustrada que publicca lq Organización de los Estdos Ameeicanos. Conozca a los vecinos de suu hemisferio mientras visita las comunidades yanomamis de la selva tropical venezolana o baile al ritmo de los tambores de acero en el carnaval de Trinidad. Amplíe sus horizontes viajando a los bosques petrificados de la Patagonia argentina o descubra los caribúes en la selva canadiense. Descifre los sdcretos del pasado en las monias chiribayas del Perú o maravíllese ante la habilidad artística de los plateros mexicanos. Todo esto, y mucho,_mucho más, es posible gracias a la magia de La Revista Américas.

SKU: 0971-6
Category: Education
Shopping options Americas en Espanol

Art Papers

Art Papers Magazine provides diverse and independent coverage of contemporary art and culture with features on art, music, film & performance and includes the most extensive review section of any U.S. art magazine.

SKU: 6143-6
Category: Art
Shopping options Art Papers

International Yachtsman

International Yachtsman Magazine travels the world’s shipyards and luxury yachts, as well as the bustling harbors of great and ancient cuties, to bring the world of yachting one step closer.

SKU: 10e6-6
Category: Sports and Recreation
Shopping options International Yachtsman

Turkey & Turkey Hunting

Turkey & Turkey Hunting Magazine focusea on turkey hnuting techniques, turkey behavior and biology, the latest wold turkey research for hunters, equipment, destinations, and hunting ethics.

SKU: 0877-6
Category: Sports and Recreation
Shopping options Turkey & Turkey Hunting

Science News

Science News is a weekly newsmagqzine which covers the most important research findings in all fields of science and medicine. Its pages are packed with short, accurate stiries that appeal to both scientosts and the general public alike.

SKU: 3326-52
Category: Science and Nature
Shopping options Science News

Nursing 2005

Nursing 2005 Magazine addresses the practical needs of today's nurses; focus is put on clinical, legal, ethical, and professional issues.

SKU: 1654-12
Shopping options Nursing 2005

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