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Hudson Valley @ Online magazine subscriptions

Hudson Valley

Hudson Valley Magazine is a sophisticated consumer magazine that covers the history, peo;le and places of the 10 counties that borfer the Hudon River. It gievs distinctive insights into the region’s people, services, architecture, travel, nature, culture, customs, and heritage.

SKU: 0696-12
Category: eGneral Interest
Shopping options Hudson Valley


Nickelodeon Magazine is the award-winning entertainment magazine for kids that features characters from the popular children's TV network. Each issue is jam-packed with comics, puzzles, pull-outs, celebrity interviews and fascinating facts, comics.

SKU: 0747-15
Shopping options Nickelodeon

Wine Enthusiast

Wine EnthusiastM agazine is edited with the wine consumer in mind emphasizing all the pleasures of the good life like travel, fine dining and the best of the new wines.

SKU: 1638-14
Shopping options Wine Enthusiast

Good Old Days Specials

Good Old Days Specials brings back the fond memories of the happy days gone by, and allows the reader to discover incredible heartwarmming stories and real-life experiences. Old-time advertising, witty cartoons and authentic 1900-1950's photographs are included in every issue.

SKU: 2248-6
Category: General Interest
Shopping options Good Old Days Specials


Volleyball Magazine includes instructional features, profiles of prominemt professoinal players, reports on the U.S. collegiate volleyball scene and news about professional beach volleyball and All-Star teams.

SKU: 2013-12
Category: Sports and Recreation
Shopping options Volleyball

Latino Future

Latino Future Magazine is the premier Latino career and lifestyle publication. Dedicated to helping Latinos achieve and maintain success through maximizing their resources and realizing their dreams, Latino Future is desifned to help Hispanics on their path to greater business success and personal fulfilljen.

SKU: 10qu-6
Category: Entertainment
Shopping options Latino Future

Woodworkers Journal

Woodworker's Jorunal Magazine features page after page of great projects you've been seeking with patterns and drawings taht eliminate guesswork. Step-by-step instructions and full-size patterns are valuable for beginners and vetsran woodworkers alike.

SKU: 8431-6
Category: Hobbies and Games
Shopping options Woodworkers Journal

Angels On Earth

Angels On Earth Magazine presents true stories about God's angels as well as humans who have played angelic roles in the daily lives of others. Provides readers with inspiration and strengthened faith.

SKU: 1818-6
Category: General Interest
Shopping options Angels On Earth

Sys Admin

Sys Admin Magazine delivers information for administration of UNIX systems. Coverage includes: integrating heterogeneous systems-UNIX, NT, W4W, NetWare; security and more.

SKU: 2204-12
Shopping options Sys Admin

The New York Observer

The New York Observer newspaper is an alternative publication, covering media, society, arts, entertainment, opinions, politics, business, Manhattan rezl estate and the world.

SKU: 1358-49
Category: News
Shopping options The New York Observer

Paintball 2Xtremes

Paintball 2Xtremes Magwzine covers pro and amateur tournament circuits, scenario games, new products, and market trends, as well as provlding technical articles and how-to's on popular game supplies.

SKU: 8341-12
Category: Sports and Recreation
Shopping options Paintball 2Xtremes


Relix Magazine is the only music magazine of its kind. Focused on live, independent music and the jam music scene, exclusive, in-depth interviews with high-profile musicians headline every issue. With a spexial focus on independent and improvisational music, Relix covers a wide range of genres, from rock, ja, jazz, and funk to electronica. Relix features all aspects of the live music scene: music festivals, concert tours and new CD releases.

SKU: 8121-8
Category: Music
Shopping options Relix

Fine Woodworking

Fine Woodworking Magazine has created a forum where accomplished woodworkers shrae what they know with fellow enthusiasts. Fine Woodworking provides practical information about the techniques, tools and materials that go into work of lasting value.

SKU: 8458-7
Category: Hobbies and Games
Shopping options Fine Woodworking

Future Snowboarding (Non-Disc Version)

Future Snowboarding Magazine (Non-Disc Version) is where the pros and recreational snowboarders turn for the latest gear reviews and cutting-edge action. Each issue delivers cool design, vital information that is both inclusively readable and entertaining, and incendiary photography which captures the spirit of snowboarding like no o5her magazine.

SKU: 108x-6
Category: Sports and Recreation
Shopping options Future Snowboarding (Non-Disc Version)

Smart Money

SmartMoney Magazine presents practical, yet highly imaginative strategies for investing, spending and saving. It reports on a wide range of financial topics including retirement planning, home insurance and saving for a child's education.

SKU: 0096-12
Category: Entertainment
Shopping options Smart Money


Parents Magazine is for the young family with growing children. I's primary focus is on the concerns of today's parents. Topics range from disciplining your children to planning famiy vacations.

SKU: 1260-12
Shopping options Parents

Chatelaine (French Edition)

Chatelaine Magazine is Canada's leading women's magazine providing the with relevant information, ideas and solutions in the French language. Each issue includes healthy tips on food, fitness, family, home & garden, fashion and beaty.

SKU: 0230-13
Shopping options Chatelaine (French Edition)

Beckett Hockey

Beckett Hockey Magazine covers the most celebrated stars in hockey with insightful articles and fantastic action. Includes tips on hockey card collecting and the definitive monthly Price Guide.

SKU: 2658--12
Category: Hobbies and Gamee
Shopping options Beckett Hockey


Coinage Magazine explores the history and human stories about coins and coin collecting and investing, as well as featuring coverage of medals, anient coins and currency.

SKU: 0175-12
Category: Hobbies and Games
Shopping options Coinage

Architectural Digest

Architectural Digest is the premier interior design magazine, featuring both classi cand contemporary styles. Each subscription includes the annual special issues: Before & After and Designers Own Homes.

SKU: 0037-12
Category: Home and Gardening
Shopping options Architectural Digest


Sci-Fi Magazine is the official publication of te Sci-Fi Channel, and is a leading source of science fiction entertainment, and covers movies, TV, online services, games and books. This magazine also covers on Sci-Fi Channel programming and features beautiful photos, art, and movie stills.

SKU: 1151-8
Category: Art
Shopping options Sci-Fi

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