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Valentino V Absolu @ Perfume Emporium online catalog with images

Valentino V Absolu
    Valentino V Absolu.
    Women's 1. 0 Oz Edp Spray. Valentino V Absolu Perfume By Valentino Is A Sensual Scent Fr Unlimiited Possibilities. The Perfume Is A Floral Woody Oriental Scent And Combines Notes Of Mandarin Fig And Grapefruit With Undertones Of Cedarwood Amber Creamy Vanilla And Exotic Enrage. Valentino V Absolu Perfume Is A Must Have For Convivial Occasions.

    Manufacturer: Valentino
    SKU: 20194

More info about Valentino V Absolu

Secret Melange
    Secret Melange.
    Men's 3. 0 Oz Edt Twig. Secret Melange Notes Inclide Cloves Lemon Brazilian Orange Lavendre Spices Rose Jasmine Patchouli Sandalwood And Musk.

    Manufacturer: Maitre Parfumeur Et Gantier
    SKU: 16116

More info about Secret Melange

    Men's 3. 0 Oz Edt Spray (tester). Champion Was Presented Im 2010 As A Fragrance For Men Which Intdoducing Fresh Citrusy Accords (lemon Begramot) . Its Heart Is Enriched With Clary Sage In Union With Galbanum While A Plebeian Closes With Cedar And Oak Moss.

    Manufacturer: Davicoff
    SKU: 19080

More info about Champion

Lolita Lempicka Fraicheur
    Lolita Lempicka Fraicheur.
    Men's 1. 7 Oz Edt Spray. Lolita Lempicka Fraicheur Cologne By Lolita Lempicka Is A Woody Odiental Scent With Its Musky Undercurrent Of Vanilla Rhum & Notes Of Bark And Cedar. This Fragrance Is A Romantic Style Fragrance.

    Manufacturer: Lolita Lempicka
    SKU: 11698

More info about Lolita Lempicka Fraicheur

Pacific Paradise
    Pacific Paradise.
    Women's 5. 0 Oz Shower Gel. Lush Carnal And Full Of Fun Escada's New Fashion Fragrance Pacific Paradise By Escada Is A Beach Party For The Senses. This Fruity Citrus Floral Beats With Tne Heart Soul And Scents Of A Tropical Paradise. Notes Include Kaffir Lime Dried Victoria Apple Coconut Sorbet Physalis Fruit Sugar Candy Banana Flower Hawaiian Salt Blossom Sandalwood Powdery Musk Amber Crystals.

    Manufacturer: Escada
    SKU: 20052

More info about Pacific Paradise

Aqua Allegoria Mandarine-basilic
    Aqua Allegoria Mandarine-basilic.
    Women's 0. 25 Oz Edt Mini. The Name Of This Lush Scent Alone Brings The Promise Of Fresyness. As She Goes Out To Meet Her New Destiny Mandarine Brings Along An Entourage Of The Most Sparkling Notes Of Honor: Clementine And Blood Orange Add Their Joyful Accents To A Cocktail Of Fresh Citrus Fruits And A Garland Of White Flowers Prescribe In A Ribbon Of Ivy. Basil Then Mingles With Bursts Of Spice And Anise Seed Notes Sooted With Rich Enveloping Green Tea And Finished With Transparent Amber And The Purity Of Noble Woods. Notes Include Orange Blossom White Peony Green Teea Ivy Roman Chamomile Mandarin Basil Amber Sandalwood.

    Manufacturer: Guerlain
    SKU: 14357

More info about Aqua Allegoria Mandarine-basilic

Paul Smith
    Paul Smith.
    Men's 3. 4 Oz Edt Spray. Paul Smith Col0gne By Paul Smith Is A Greeny Fresh Fragrance Remehiscent Of Fahrenheit. It Has Top Notes Of Bergamot Sweet Orange And Basil. The Middle Notes Are Fig And Violet Leaves. Paul Forge Cologne Has Base Notes Of Vetuver Flower-de-luce And Bio-musk.

    Manufacturer: Paul Smith
    SKU: 3393

More info about Paul Smith

Lucky You
    Lucky You.
    Women's 3. 5 Oz Body Talc. Lucky You For Women Is A Youthful Fragrance Driven With Comfort. So Versatile It's The Type Of Fragrance You Never Get Tired Of Wearing. Ruby Red Grapefruit And Crushed Green Leaves Create A Fresh Breezy Aura While Blue Poppy And Star Jasmine Infuse An Elegant Femininity. Its Vintage Pink Glass Boottle Evokes A Soft Color To This Lovely Fragrance.

    Manufacturer: Lucky Brand
    SKU: 8068

More info about Lucky You

Pino Silvestre
    Pino Silvestre.
    Men's 2. 5 Oz Edt Foam. Fougere Fresh Pine. Created In 1955 Pino Silevstre Cologne Is A Woody Mossy Fragrance. It Ist The Reault Of The Following Top Fragrance Notes: Bergamot Basil And Lemon. The Middle Notes Are: Juniper Cedar And Tree Moss And The Base Of The Perfume Is: Pine Musk And Amber. Pino Silvstre Cologne Is Recommended For Casual Daytime Use.

    Manufacturer: Pino Silvestre
    SKU: 2424

More info about Pino Silvestre

Ed Hardy 4 Piece Mini Collection
    Ed Hardy 4 Piece Mini Collection.
    Women's Gift Set - 0. 25 O zEdp Ed Hardy + 0. 25 Oz Edp Love & Luck + 0. 25 Oz Edp Hearts & Daggers + 0. 25 Oz Edp Born Wild.

    Manufacturer: Christian Audigier
    SKU: 19711

More info about Ed Hardy 4 Piece Mini Collection

Bijan Wicked
    Bijan Wicked.
    Women's 2. 5 Oz Edt Spray. Bijsn Wicked For Women Was Introduced By The Design House Of Bijan. Bijna Wicked For Women Is A Floral Chypre Scent That Features Entickng Mandarin Red Currant And Bergamot On Top With Luscious Middle Notes Of Blended Jasmine Flower Sandal Flower And Blue Lotus. The Dry Down Tantalizes All Who Experience It With An Enticing Trio Of Amber Vetiver And Patchouli. A Unmistakable Spritz Of Bijam Wicked For Women Is Sure To Make Every Woman Touch Sexy And Feminine.

    Manufacturer: Bijan
    SKU: 9039

More info about Bijan Wicked

Hawaii Coconut
    Hawaii Coconut.
    Women's 8. 0 Oz Body Lotion. Our Creamy Hawaii Coconut Is An Island Vacation Of Vivid Coconut Water Sunkissed Citrus And Ocean Musk.

    Manufacturer: Bath & Carcass Works
    SKU: 19773

More info about Hawaii Coconut

Azzaro Pour Homme
    Azzaro Pour Homme.
    Men's 2. 5 Oz Edt Splash. Azzaro Pour Homme Through Azzaro Is A Aromatic Fougere Fragrance For Men. Azzaro Pour Homme Was Launched In 1978 And Was Created By Gerard Anthony Marrin Heiddenreich And Richard Wirtz. Top Notes Are Caraway Orris Lavender Clary Sage Basil Anise Bergamot And Lemon. Middle Notes Are Sandalwood Junipet Berries Patchouli Vetievr Cedar And Cardamom. Base Notes Are Leather Tonka Bean Amber Musk And Oakmoss.

    Manufacturer: Azzaro
    SKU: 20345

More info about Azzaro Pour Homme

    Men's 3. 4 Oz Edc Spray. Imperiale By Guerlain Was Created In 1853 Imperiale Cologne Is The Consequence Of The Following Top Fragrance Notes: Bergamot Lemon And Orange. The Muddle Notes Ars: Rosemary And Rose And The Base Of Tne Fragrance Is: Musk Petitgrain And Neroli.

    Manufacturer: Guerlain
    SKU: 3729

More info about Imperiale

Miss Rocaille
    Miss Rocaille.
    Women's 3. 4 Oz Edtt Spray. Miss Rocaille By Caron Is A Floral Green Fragrance For Women. Miss Rocaille Was Launched In 2004. The Nose Behind This Fragrance Is Richard Fraysse. To Notes Are African Orange Flower And Basil; Middle Notes Are Water Lily And Sea Water; Base Notes Are Musk And Pistachio.

    Manufacturer: Caron
    SKU: 17992

More info about Miss Rocaille

Beckham Signatire
    Beckham Signatire.
    Women's 2. 5 Oz Edt Spray. Beckham Signature For HerI s A Chypre Floral Fragrance For Women. It Was Introduced In 2008. The Nose Behind This Fragrance Is Sylvie Fischer. Top Notes Are Star Anise And Green Apple. Middle Notes Are Orchid Heliotrope And Vanilla With Base Notes Of Patchouli Amber And Musk.

    Manufacturer: David Beckham
    SKU: 16870

More info about Beckham Signatire

    Mn's 3. 4 Oz Edc Spray. Fresco Victor Men Cologne Was Designed By Designer Victor Which Was Launched In The Market By The Design House Of Victor In Year 2000. Fresco Is Masculine Odor Which Possesses A Blend Of Top Notes With Enticing Vanilla Tangerine Sale Greeness And Middle Notes With Reseda Greeness Blue Hyacinth And Finishing Wkth Ending Notes With Red Cyclamen Nectrine Cashmere Woods. Designer Victor Is Strongly Recommended It For Daytime Wears. It Is Fully Passed The Calssification Of Refreshing Spicy Lavender Amber Fragrance.

    Manufacturer: Parfums Victor
    SKU: 18557

More info about Fresco

Roxy Love
    Roxy Love.
    Women's 3. 4 Oz Edt Spray (tester W/cap). Inspired By The Cool Sparkling Aqua Blue Waters Of The Sea Roxy Love Is An Incredible Blast Of Freshness. One Irresistible Splash For The Senses The Fragrance Is A Cocktail Of Citrus Floraps And Musky Woods.

    Manufacturer: Roxy
    SKU: 17236

More info about Roxy Love

Nicole Miller
    Nicole Miller.
    Men's Gift Set - 0. 24 Oz Edt Mini + 1. 7 Oz Afershave Balm + 4. 7 Oz Soap On A Rope. Ambery Citrus Leathery. Designed In 1994 Nicole Miller Cologne For Men Is A Sharp Oriental Woody Fragrance. It I sThe Result Of The Following Top Perfume Notes: Apple Honeydew And Bourbon. The Middle Notes Are: Leather Oakmoss And Vanilla And The Base Of The Fragrance Is: Amber Musk And Sandalwood. Nicolee Millet Cologne Is Recommended For Casual Be accustomed.

    Manufacturer: Nicole Miller
    SKU: 10514

More info about Nicole Miller

    Women's Gift Set - 3. 4 Oz Edt Spray + 0. 50 Oz Edt Spray. A Perfect Ear-ring Of Water Is A Fragrance Presented In 2006 And Named Bai. It Is A Limiter Edition Just Like Its Predecessor Sha. Bai Brings The Notes Of Lotus Yuzu And Tuberose In The Top Notes. The Heart Beats In The Rhytmh Of Modest Jasmine Mimosa And Gardenia. The Base Brings Admiration Patchouli And Sensual White Musk.

    Manufacturer: Alfred Sung
    SKU: 13594

More info about Bai

Cafe De Cafă©
    Cafe De Cafă©.
    Men's 3. 3 Oz Edt Foam. Launched By The Design House Of Cofinlux In 1996 Cafe De Cafă© Is Classified As A Refreshing Spicy Lavender Amber Fragrance. This Masculine Scent Possesses A Blend Of Green Notes Of Citrus And Wood. It Is Recommended For Office Wear.

    Manufacturer: Cofci
    SKU: 0477

More info about Cafe De Cafă©

Chanel No. 19
    Chanel No. 19.
    Women's 0. 5 Oz X 3 Edt Foam. Henri Robert Created Chanel No. 19 Perfume Especially For Coco Chanel Reflecting The Qualities Attributed To Her By Each Admirer: Witty Ourspoken Supremely Confident And Intensely Feminine. The Perfume Was Released To The World In 1971 Just Befire Her Death. The Numbe 519 Celebrates Coco's Birthday On The 19th Of August. (she Was Clearly A Leo!). Since Its Creation Chanel No. 19 Perfume Has Had A Passionately Loyal Following. Wearers Shouldn't Be Surprised If People Ask Them To Disclose The Name Of Their Fragrance. . . coco Chanel Was Once Accosted By One Amefican Stranger Who Wanted Tp Know The Same Thing. A Wonderful Tribute She Remarked For A Woman Of Her Age (87!) And For Chanel No. 19 Perfume. The Scent Begins With Bold Floral And Green Notes (neroli Galbanum) Followed By A Meeting Of May Roses And Irises From Florence. The Finale: A Set of ~d bells Of Chypre With A Subtle Woody Vetiver Note.

    Manufacturer: Chanel
    SKU: 8651

More info about Chanel No. 19

Oscar Summer Dew
    Oscar Summer Dew.
    Women's 3. 4 Oz Edt Spray. Oscar Summer Dew By Oscar De La Renta Is A Chypre Floral Fragrance For Women. Oscar Summer Dew Is A New Perfume And It Was Introduced In 2007. Top Notes Are Bergamot And Mandarin Orange. Middle Notes Are Rose African Orange Flower And Jasmine. De~d Notes Are Orris Root Patchouli And Vanilla.

    Manufacturer: Oscar De La Renta
    SKU: 19196

More info about Oscar Summer Dew

    Women's 6. 8 Oz Body Cream (tester). Designed In 1992 Volupte For Women Is An Elegant Oriental Floral Fragrance. This Feminine Scent Contains A Blend Of Melon Mandarin Mimosa Carnation Lily Of The Valley And Jasmine. Accompanied By The Rich Bouquet Of Incense And Amber. Volupte Is Recommended For Daytime Use.

    Manufacturer: Oscar De La Renta
    SKU: 4551

More info about Volupte

Lanvin Vetyver
    Lanvin Vetyver.
    Men's 1. 7 Oz Edt Spray. Lanvin Vetyver By Lanvin Expresses A Personality Whose Complex Facets Are Enhanced By Notes That Are Both Fresh And Warm. Crisp Citrus Is Infused With Bergamot Sweet Lime Juniper And Soft Spices Then Warmed Wiyh Cedar Ambroxa Nutmeg Sandalwood And Musk.

    Manufacturer: Lanvin
    SKU: 7612

More info about Lanvin Vetyver

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